Her Shave Co. "First Box" Review + $5 Coupon!

Disclosure: This box was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. No affiliate links were used.

Her Shave Co.

Subscription: Her Shave Co.

Cost: $24.95/monthly + Free Shipping

What's in the box: When you first subscribe, you'll receive their starter "First Box" which will come equipped with everything you need to get you started on the road to a great shave. Items will include a Vie-Long safety razor, a shaving brush, shaving cream, and replacement blades, along with welcome and instructional cards.

Coupon: Enter coupon code FIRSTSHAVE to get $5 off your first box!

Finally, a shaving subscription box for women! This is exciting news! Not only is it a monthly shaving supply box, but it also introduces women to the safety razor. I haven't really ventured much into the art of shaving besides the regular shaving sticks that you get from your local stores, so I'm really excited to try this new type of razor out!

First Look at Unboxing
First Look at Unboxing

"Ready for a swanky shave?" Well, yes I am!! =)

Second Look at Unboxing
Second Look at Unboxing

Items are nicely wrapped in pastel pink tissue paper and sealed with a sticker.

More Unboxing

And voila, you finally see the items and an instructional card on how to operate your new razor.

Here's a closer look at the razor manual:

Razor Instructional Card

It's actually really easy and I'll be showing step-by-step pictures on how to insert the blades further down this review. Keep reading gals!

Razor Instructional Card
Instructional Shaving Card

A helpful instructional shaving card is also included to help you do the correct steps in achieving that perfect shave.

And here are the items inside Her Shave Co’s “First Box”:

Her Shave Co. First Box Items!

Items in detail:

Gillette & Big Ben Stainless Steel Blades

I'm starting off with the blades since I'll be showing how to insert them into the razor soon after. Each starter box will contain brands of blades that may not be the same as mine, so there are variations on this.

Each box comes with 5 blades, so a total of 10 blades will be included every month. The blade itself is really thin and sharp, see picture below.

The amount of days or usage it takes for you to replace the blade is entirely dependent on you. It will depend on your hair growth. If you get really thick hair growth every day, you might see an advantage to switching the blade a little more often than weekly. If you have light hair growth, you could probably get away with 10 or so days/blade. So basically 7 days/blade plus or minus a few days. I had to look it up myself since I'm new to this. I shall play around with the amount of days and try weekly first to see how that goes.

Vie-Long Safety Razor

This razor looks super swanky indeed. I like how it doesn't feel heavy and the length is also perfect for my hands.

The handle's design has ridges making it easy to grip even in the shower when it can get wet.

Now let's start the process of inserting the blades:

First off, you need to twist the handle counter clockwise and it will start detaching itself from the head of the razor.

It will start looking like this:

You can see that the head of the blade is separating into 2 pieces as you continue to twist the handle. This is called opening the "butterfly" casing at the head of the razor.

Continue twisting until the "butterfly" casing is completely open like so:

Now the casing is ready for you to insert the blades into. Carefully take a new blade, holding it by the ends only, and simply allign it with the mounting posts and insert just like below:

You see how perfectly it fits, if that's the case then you've done it and it's ready to be enclosed. After the casing is assembled again, you can then attached the handle to the razor head and start twisting it clockwise to close the butterfly head. Your razor is now ready to be used!

The razor is completely assembled and looks great! See how simple it was, it wasn't hard at all ;)

I actually used the razor in the shower already and I gotta say, it glides on really smooth. I didn’t feel it scraping my skin like typical plastic shaving sticks feel for me. One thing to note is that with these safety razors, you don't need to apply any pressure when shaving, just glide the razor on your skin and it'll do the job. And it really did. Even along the curves of my knees it provided a close and clean shave without any knicks or cuts or irritation. I’m super impressed and really loving this style of razor, and the sleek and chic look of it is definitely an added bonus. I can now shave in style!

Her Shave Co. Shave Brush

This shaving brush is made of synthetic bristles. It's fluffy, it's soft and it fits my hands just fine.

So far I haven't noticed any shedding and hope that remains true as I use this more. And for those of you who have not used a shaving brush before, the way to use it is to wet the brush with warm water, shake off the excess water, then swirl it into the soap to gather the right amount of product. After my brush had soap on it, I brushed it along my legs and it really did apply the product smoothly and evenly, I was pleasantly surprised. I can totally get used to this!

Tiki Bar Soap Vegan Shaving Soap in Spiced Candy Apple

This soap smells great, just like sweet apples. It's not too strong, which is great for me since I can be a bit sensitive when it comes to fragrances.

The consistency of this soap is slightly creamy and has a bit of a whipped texture as well. I also like the fact that because of its texture and the tube that it came in, you can directly swirl the shaving brush into the jar. No need for a separate mug like other wet shaving soaps require. When I used it, the shaving brush picked up the product with ease and it lathered up well when I brushed it onto my skin. What a great soap to include!

My Thoughts: I am so happy I got to try this box out, I'm really loving this safety razor! The brush was a perfect addition to the experience, as well as the soap. I really do think this is such a great shaving box to have, especially if you routinely shave or are into wet shaving. If you've never tried a safety razor before, I totally recommend for you to try this box out and see the difference for yourself. It's such a great intro box that has everything you need to start shaving smoothly and stylishly =)

Not a subscriber? Get $5 off your first month of Her Shave Co. with coupon code FIRSTSHAVE and you'll receive the "First Box" to get you started towards shaving in style!