Oui Please Vol. 1.5 Box Review + 20% Coupon!

Oui Please

Subscription: Oui Please

Cost: $150/bimonthly or $650/annually + Free Shipping

What's in the box: Every box has a French regional theme and will feature unique selections of full sized French products based on that theme. This subscription is different in a way where every box is different, so there are multiple versions that subscribers will be receiving with different values. Items will include beauty, jewelry, accessories, apparel, home and epicure.

Coupon: Use coupon code OUIWHATSUP to get 20% off any subscription, that's such a good deal!

First off, I am deeply saddened by the tragedy that occured in Paris. It is unfathomable how such actions can occur. I was actually in Paris 2 weeks ago and left just the day before the events to return to Los Angeles. It is shocking (and I am still in shock) how such atrocities can be carried out by fellow human beings, but one cannot understand evil and I continue to pray for peace in the world.

If you've read my previous posts, you should know that I love all things French, so much that I visit France every year. So when this subscription box came into my radar, I knew I just had to subscribe and I'm so glad I did!

Oui Please VOL. 1.5: Along the Loire Valley

Oui Please ships their boxes through FedEx Ground, it took 4 days for me to receive it.

At first glance, you see a big cardstock sign with a French statement. They send one with every box and I collect them all to frame. It's a simple yet chic way to decorate any wall.

Then you see the actual Oui Please box inside and it's protected with black bubble wraps.

I can never get over how pretty their boxes are! It's so BIG and sturdy, I use it as storage for so many things. It definitely feels like a quality box made from high quality materials and you just know something luxurious is inside.

Now let's get on and open this beauty!

First look at unboxing

As soon as I opened the box, a burst of heavenly scent filled the air and my my my, it smelled so good! My unboxing experience has been taken to another level and I'm trying to pace myself so that I don't rip out everything to find out the source of this intoxicating scent!

They also always include a Thank You note with each box, merci!

Second look at unboxing

Look at all those goodies just waiting for me!

Oui Please always includes a catalog magazine listing all the items that were included for Volume 1.5 box. I think it's great and so informational, plus they're made with such good quality, I collect all of them to browse around when I have French withdrawals.

Some pages from inside the catalog

And here are the items in my box:

Everything looks gorgeous and I so can't wait to try them all!

Items in detail:

Ripauste Small Leather Pochette
Value $50

I was surprised to see that I received an item from Ripauste. I was also surprised at how small it was, like really small. Below is a picture of it with my hands so you can see the size comparison. And btw, my hands are really petite.

And here's a look inside:

It's still a great item even with the petite size. I can use it as a small cosmetic pouch, or to keep small essentials, or business cards, the options are endless.

Salome Charly Trie Bracelet
Value $50

A bracelet with a black wooden centerpiece sounds pretty modern chic. It's handmade in cherry wood with golden brass. It fits my hands when I use the last clasp and I since I wear a lot of black, this will accessorize perfectly.

Here's a closer look at the bracelet:

You see the dimensions and size of the black wooden piece, it is quite big, but it's also unique.

La Route des Comptoirs Perle D'Amour Tea
Value $30

I love loose teas, I have 2 drawers dedicated to them in my kitchen and this one will fit right in with the others. This organic black tea is mixed with pink and blue petals and has notes of rose and red fruit.

You can see the flower petals infused with the tea from the picture above. It looked so good when I took this picture that I just had to brew myself a cup of tea right away and yes, this was heavenly.

As you can see, a French tea deserves some French macarons to accompany it and what better ones than Ladurée, the best macarons in the world! Side note, I bought quite a few in Paris and brought them all the way back to LA =P

Marina De Bourbon Dynastie Madmoiselle Perfume
Value $160

Side note, I found it available on Amazon way cheaper, but as Oui Please ships their items from the companies themselves in France, it could be due to shipping and import fees, which is understandable.

Besides that fact, this perfume is big and oh-so gorgeous! I love pink and this bottle is such a statement piece that it will look lovely on my vanity. The scent suits me well lucky enough, and I'm sure this will last me quite a long time.

"..an irresistible sparkling mix of Mandarin, Blackcurrant and Pear. Its heart reverberates with desire, an intoxicating bouquet of Lotus Flower, Orange Flower, Peony and Tuberose before giving way to the sensuality and warmth of Amber, creamy Musk and Cedar wood."

Historiae Soap in Hameau De La Reine
Value $10

A soap in the shape of a heart makes my heart skip a beat. It smells lovely and it went straight to the guest bathroom as both a decoration and as a hand soap, although I do hope they treat it more as the first rather than the latter. Dear house guests, use the liquid soap next to it please!

Historiae Travel Fragrance in Orangerie Du Roy
Value $40

OMG, this smells ah-mazing! My favorite scent from everything in the box and I think this may be the culprit to how heavenly the Oui Please box smelled when I first opened it up. I know that scents are quite a gamble to receive as it's so personal in preference, but this definitely hit the ballpark for me. Plus it's in a cute travel atomizer with its own cover, how cute. I just need to pace myself and not use it too much so that it can last longer.

Concept Provence Body Milk in Grapevine Flower
Value $20

This lotion is simple yet chic in design but the scent, another hit for me, wow, I'm feeling quite lucky. It has a spa-ish yet refereshing and slightly citrusy scent which bodes well with me. It wasn't sticky and yet it moisturized well. It has found its place next to my bed.

Savor & Sens Mustard Walnut
Value $15

I used to dislike mustards, but since last year, I've been branching out and trying all kinds of them; from sweet to savory to spicy, you name it! I'm so glad that this time I received a savory epicure item, and this mustard was much appreciated.

My Thoughts: Oui Please is always exciting to open and such a treat for me to receive every other month. I wish it was every month, hint hint, but I'm sure that would be way too much work for them to accomplish due to customs and shipping. The items I received were a good mix of fashion, skincare and epicure, and I will definitely (if I haven't done so already) be using all of them. Sure there were varieties that others received with some having higher values, but I'm fine with what I have. I also got quite lucky in receiving scents that I actually liked so that was a big plus. With that said, the total value for this box was on the lower side, mostly because the perfume had a really high stated value when you can get the same perfume at a really low price online but I understand its due to their shipping, taxes and import fees. So if you're planning on trying them out, I highly suggest using the 20% discount code. I used it for my annual subscription purchase and that brought down the cost to $87/box, such a great deal! Anywho, next month's destination is "Vol 1.6 White Winter in the Alps", and I so can't wait!

If you haven't subscribed yet, you can subscribe here and use coupon code OUIWHATSUP to get 20% off any subscription. That brings the cost down to $120 for this box or $520 for a whole year! That's a totes crazy deal!

My Items

Product Price
Ripauste Small Leather Pochette $50
Salome Charly Bracelet $50
La Route des Comptoirs Tea $30
Princess Marina De Bourbon Perfume $160
Historiae Soap $10
Historiae Travel Fragrance $40
Concept Provence Body Milk $20
Savor & Sens Mustard $15
Subscription Cost $150