Wickbox October 2015 Review + 10% Coupon!

Luxury Candle

Disclosure: This box was received in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and thoughts are of my own.


Subscription: Wickbox

Cost: $29.95/monthly (Medium Box); $39.95/monthly (Large Box)

Shipping: $5 Shipping within the United States. Worldwide shipping available but costs vary depending on Country (calculated during checkout).

What's in the box: A surprise luxury scented candle curated to your unique scent preferences. You'll be asked to complete your scent profile after checkout. The typical burn time of a large candle is 60 - 100 hours. The typical burn time of a medium candle is 30 - 60 hours. Occasionally they'll throw in a bonus treat!

Coupon: Use coupon code WHATSUP10 to get 10% off your first box!

You have two options when you subscribe to Wickbox:

Wickbox Subscription Options

And when you do decide to subscribe to either one, you complete a short scent profile so that they are aware of your preferences.

Wickbox Scent Profile

This is their first launch box and the review is for the MEDIUM BOX that includes a candle with a burn time of 30 - 60 hours.

First look at unboxing
First look at unboxing

They included a thank you note on top, but I'm not sure if every subscriber received this.

Second look at unboxing
Second look at unboxing

The box was packed with these white and gold fillings, like really packed. I had to dig dig dig through this and finally find the item at the bottom of the box.

Wickbox Candle in Dust Bag

Finally, the item has appeared! I love that Wickbox includes dust bags with their candles, such a luxurious and personal touch! I will surely use this when I travel with my candles.

And here is the candle I received in full glory:

Wickbox October 2015 Items

How gorgeous is that, so pretty and pink! And if you're wondering what's on top of the candle, read more to find out ;)

Candle in detail:

Red Flower Candle in Japanese Peony
Red Flower Candle in Japanese Peony
6 oz., 50-hours burn time, Value $38
Red Flower Candle in Japanese Peony

The candle was sealed on top with plastic so the scent can remain fresh until it's in your hands and you're ready to use it.

The wax is a vegetable-based candle wax and it has 50 hours of burning time. The other ingredients are: clove oil, damask rose oil, food grade dye, lemon oil, lily of the valley oil, and peony oil.

Red Flower Candle in Japanese Peony

This candle is quite unique in which its topped with real scented petals, which can be emptied into a small dish to subtly scent a room or put in a hot bath. See more close-up pictures below.

Red Flower Candle in Japanese Peony

Red Flower Candle in Japanese Peony

I've set some aside and used it to scent my office for now and it smells great! I've never had candles like these before so I'm super happy and can't wait to use it in my next bath too!

One thing to note though, and this is outside of the quality or actual review of the product, is that Peony can be toxic to dogs or cats. I learned this the hard way as I burned some Peony candles before in my bedroom where my little Yorkie sleeps with me and he had a really bad cough and runny nose the next day. Peony if ingested can cause more serious danger, but just a side note for those of you with four-legged babies.

Red Flower Candle in Japanese Peony

Some important instructions and cautions on burning this candle to take note of. I always trim the wick before lighting up any candle, so if you haven't done so, try doing that from now on and your candles will last longer.

The candle itself is not as big as I expected, so to give you a comparison, I've lined it up with my other 2 candles that's in my office.

Candle comparison

Wickbox Info Card
Info Card

They included an Info Card that gives a brief summary of the candle you received. The first one on top is for the Large Box (although I wish I got that gold one, so gorgeous!), and the bottom one is for the Medium Box.

My Thoughts: I'm pleased with the candle I received and it was quite unique with the real scented flower petals inside of it to use for other purposes. This subscription is absolutely something that I've been waiting for and needed in the subscription world as there are not much luxury candle boxes out there for us to subscribe to, so it's a great addition. This candle is valued at $38 and the subscription cost for the Medium Box is $29.95 + $5 shipping, so it pretty much almost broke even. The Large Box had an $85 value candle (I read another blogger's review that received that box) and the price for the subscription is $39.95 + $5 shipping. With that fact, I would probably subscribe to the Large Box as it'll give you more value (almost double!) and burning time, plus perhaps a more luxurious candle jar. It's also a great gift idea for the candle lover, or even someone who loves luxury items. Personally, I'd be ecstatic if someone gifted this subscription to me! =)

If you're interested in subscribing, you can visit their website or subscribe here to start receiving their monthly luxury candles. And don't forget to use coupon code WHATSUP10 to get 10% off your first box!