Rifle Paper Co. × LeSportsac Bag Review

Small Melanie Bag & Rectangular Cosmetic Bag

When I first got the email of the launch (you can read my post about it here), I knew I had to buy one asap! I'm obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. and what better brand to collaborate with for bags than LeSportsac.

After going back and forth between a few of them, I finally decided on purchasing a bag and added a cosmetic bag at the last minute (of course). Shipping was fast since they use Priority Mail 2-business day, and I finally have my hands on them today, yay!

When I first saw the package, I didn't know who or where it came from. As you can see, there's no brand packaging, just a brown box with a regular white shipping label.

First look into the box revealed the same features as the outer box -plain, brown and not a single indication where it came from. I was expecting more from Rifle Paper Co. being a gift wrapping company first and foremost, so this was quite disappointing.

After digging through a bunch of brown wrappings, I finally felt some product wrapped in the same brown paper that consumed the whole box. Very disappointing again, I mean really, brown paper? It's not a piece of meat you know.

Well at least my bags were beautiful so let's move on and check them out.

Small Melanie Bag in Marion Floral

Rifle Paper Co. × LeSportsac - Small Melanie Bag in Marion Floral, $74


  • Dimensions: 4.88 × 6.75 × 9.25"
  • Material: Ripstop Nylon
  • Features: Adjustable shoulder straps, Hot pink interior lining, Interior back wall open pocket, Two exterior side pockets with zip closures, Zipped main closure

  • It's rare to find a bag that suits my size and yet still roomy enough for multiple products because of my petite self, so I was happy to find out that this bag suits me just fine. I was also happy to find that there are two zipped exterior pockets on the sides as well as a zipped compartment inside, great for organizing my small items such as keys, lip balms, etc. And as you can see from my picture, this bag is totally in line for music festival season =)

    The shoulder straps are adjustable and removable, both great features of course. I tested the straps by inserting some heavy items into the bag (water bottle, full cosmetic bag, wallet) and although not the most comfortable, it was still good and it did hold well.

    The lining on both the outside and inside is with LeSportsac's signature Ripstop Nylon, so it's totally durable, repels water, and easy to clean. I like easy.

    Rectangular Cosmetic Bag in Bonjour Print

    Rifle Paper Co. × LeSportsac - Rectangular Cosmetic Bag in Bonjour Print, $25


  • Dimensions: 2 × 3.5 × 6.75"
  • Material: Ripstop Nylon
  • Features: Hot pink interior lining, Interior back wall open pocket, Two interior small open pockets, Metallic gold lettering

  • I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my iPhone 6 Plus fits inside this cosmetic bag! My hands are pretty petite, so I was also happy that it fit perfectly on my hand. I inserted my phone, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, lip balm, card holder and other essentials without a problem.

    There are also 3 pockets inside the bag, 2 small sections and 1 big one, great for organizing your small knick knacks. And who am I kidding, I love everything French, so this is now officially my favorite cosmetic bag!

    Verdict: The collaboration between Rifle Paper Co. and LeSportsac was a dream come true for me and the bags do not disappoint. The shipment packaging maybe, but hey it's the actual products that count right? The designs are gorgeous and the quality is what you'd expect from a brand like LeSportsac, nothing but great. I totally recommend these bags and if you head over to LeSportsac website, they actually have more bag options, but for some reason they don't have the Small Melanie. So if you want the same bag as mine, you need to purchase it at Rifle Paper Co. website directly.

    Please note that LeSportsac items can only be shipped to the continental U.S.