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What's Five Four Club?

Subscription: Five Four Club

Cost: $60/monthly + Free Shipping (taxes apply to CA)

What do you get: Five Four Club is a monthly men’s clothing subscription. Each month you'll receive an apparel package (2-3 items) valued at $120 or more that's selected according to your style profile and preferences.

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Five Four Club is a great subscription for men who don't have time to shop or need the extra fashion help to bump up their wardrobe. I find their products to be of high quality and their style on trend.

When you subscribe, you'll take a profile survey to input your size and style preferences. You can retake the questionnaire at anytime to change your style, I do it every so often depending on the items I received that month so I can mix up the type of clothing I get.

Here's what I received last month:

You can read the details in my Five Four Club July Review here, it was pretty awesome =)